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  1. Thanks Jake really appreciate the help!
  2. Hi, I own a 4 bed property which I am looking to rent as a multi let to 4 separate tenants. As it is a small hmo and not needing a license I was wondering if anyone was aware of any products for this? Can I use a usual BTL mortgage for this? thanks, Rich
  3. Hi, I have my residential property which I plan to move to a HMO mortgage so I can buy a property with my partner. she would be a first time buyer and the property is £175,000. Would we be liable for stamp duty as it would be my second property but would be her first? thanks, Rich
  4. Hi, I currently live in my property on a residential mortgage. I have just bought a new house with my partner and plan to switch my current residential mortgage onto a HMO mortgage so I can go on a residential mortgage with my partner. It would be 4 bed HMO and I have used these rooms to have lodgers in. Would this be fairly straightforward to do? Are there any mortgage advisors people recommend for the above and estimated costs? Thanks, rich
  5. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone had any Mortgage advise or recommendations for a mortgage advisor for the stoke/ Newcastle-under-Lyme area. I own my own property on a residential mortgage but I currently rent out my 3 spare rooms as a live in landlord. I am looking to change this to a let to buy mortgage and release money to buy another residential property with my girlfriend and rent my room out as well. Would I need a special mortgage as it will be a 4 bed hmo? also, what tends to be the going rate for a mortgage advisor as I have never used one in the past? tha
  6. Hi Conrad, Thank you very much for the info! It has been very useful. will contact building control before I look at carrying any refurbishments out!
  7. Hi, I was hoping someone could help/ advise. Looking to convert my residential home in the midlands (3 bed end terrace, one bathroom, 2 reception rooms & kitchen) into a HMO and buy another property. I Could convert it into a 4 bed without doing much work by just converting from reception room. However, I also have a cellar I could convert if I installed a damp proof system. Can someone recommend how high the ceiling would need to be? It’s currently at about 1.8m. Also in terms of where the slump output would be it would have to go onto the street as it’s an end terrace (also would conside
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