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  1. Hi Guys My brother and I have completed on our first BTL today! We've set up a Ltd company and I'm finding it tricky to get buildings or landlord insurance. The issue seems to be that the property isnt tenanted and will need a refurb. Nothing major, just a new kitchen and decoration but have tried a couple of the regular brokers and their insurance panels aren't keen. Does anyone have a good broker or could recommend a company? Thanks in advance! Gareth
  2. Hi Peter Sounds like an impressive journey. I too am from Newport and am looking to invest in the area. Do you still source properties for investors? best Gareth
  3. Hi Hubbers I'm a new investor, joint investing with my brother. He's based South Wales and I'm based North Birmingham so looking at both areas and anywhere in between. Looking to make some contacts and gain as well as offer any advice I've learned along the way.
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