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  1. Hey guys, After some opinions on the scenario below. I am currently purchasing a flat in my company that after a BRR I will leave 22.5k of my own money that will yield 20% if rented out. Total equity left in the property £44k. I also have another flat in my personal name that I could sell that has 38k equity ready to release. (Initial investment 41K) My current return on cash in that property returns 13%. I am looking to release funds to carry on building my portfolio / pot of cash. Which option or other strategy would you consider and why?? If you have any additional ideas, please also share Many thanks James
  2. Hi Conrad, Thanks again for your response. I think looking into the possibility of working with my friend with two companies in an SPV is the way to go. do you have much knowledge on this or know anybody that does??
  3. Thank you for your responses REinvestor and conrad_paton. Do you feel there is a specific best way to invest with another party that is both tax and time efficient??
  4. Morning all, after a bit of advice please. I have a ltd company and am looking for a way to invest with a friend that has capital currently in his personal name. We are looking to do flips to build some more capital As far as I am aware neither of us are interested in investing further in our own names as I do not see this as a viable option for tax purposes. I was wondering if their was such a thing as 2 Ltd companies investing together?? I realise this may be tricky as to which company would hold the charge, but I still would like anyone's opinion on how possible this is and if there are any better options other than us opening another company in joint names. Many thanks in advance James
  5. Thanks for the post Adam. Any people with Recent figures in other areas would be much appreciated
  6. Hi all, I am a keen investor in the south as this is where I live and Know. In the areas I invest I can pick up a 2 bed flat for around 135-140K with a service charge of around £110 A property like the above rents for around £700 - £750, and the demand is high. Mortgages I have on these are around £220PCM so the returns are not too bad. I have a number of these and am now investing through a ltd company, as I know many of you are. I am now looking to pursue capital growth as I am happy with my income. Can anyone recommend areas that may have more potential than the South in growth, and where the properties still cover their own expenses. Examples of any previous purchases and value increases would be great to hear about Many Thanks James
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