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  1. Thanks for sharing the information, It is good to know that no extra money is required and also that one Solicitor can manage all this. One question: Did you get an Accountant get involved to identify what the best Org structure /SPV would be ideal for your scenario ? and If you dont mind can you share the details of the Solicitor you used ? would you recommend them ?
  2. Thanks for the information Vin, I will get busy finding a good accountant then. Do you know any good accountants who understand property deals/structuring in or near South East London ?? Thanks
  3. Thanks Vin, Thanks for the response and link to the your article. I understand that the CGT will have to be paid when selling the property to the Company. Can you please clarify what you mean by "I would also recommend that you take equity out before you incorporate" . Since the company will need the money to purchase the property and I will be loaning the same to the company, I can still take the loan amount (current equity amount) back in full with no Tax implications at all. Is that correct ? So, how does that transaction happen? How long does it take if i want to do this (
  4. ----------- Context -------- I have a BTL property owner jointly under me and my wife's name. We both are high rate tax payers and thus paying considerable amount of Tax on the rental income. We want to 1) Take out equity from this property to invest in future purchases. We have almost 40% equity currently 2) Move the property into some sort of Company structure when we remortgage it in end of April 2021(Hoping that the SDLT relief will be extended). As the early payment-charge on existing mortgage deal make it impractical to purchase through company currently. 3) We
  5. I am in process of letting my first buy-to-let flat and have been approached by a company that runs a serviced-apartment business (flexilets) to let the flat to them. This company is already renting out quite a few (around 20) apartments in this development. This flat is in Woking, Surrey This company is interested in letting the property directly from me without involving estate agents so that we both can save on the fees. They are offering full market rent and are promising that they will maintain the property and clean if every week. They already have a dedicated team just for this.
  6. Hi, I'm Harjit. I have a full-time job and I am looking forward to making a start in property investing. I currently live in a 2 bed flat which I bought in 2013. At that time, I could see the property prices starting to go up and I wanted to ride the wave. So, I bought this flat with a view that by 2016, there would be enough equity build up in this flat that I would be able to: Extract some equity, let it out and use the equity (and extra savings) to buy a bigger house. Fortunately, my flats value has appreciated quite a lot in last two years and I am planning to go ahead with my
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