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  1. Hi all I am new to lease options and had a couple of detailed questions. I may not have fully understood the mechanics of the investor 'babysitting' the vendor's mortgage but where does the risk of non-payment of the mortgage sit? Is this still with the vendor or the investor. I presume lease option only work if the mortgage company grants permission to let? And what happens when the mortgage come to the end of its fixed term and rates increase? Also are lease option (and rent to rent) shielded from clause 24 interest relief offsets? Any specific help or any resources
  2. Hi all I am looking for a ‘bank account aggregator’ or budgeting app that links to my accounts that also allows me to categorise my cash spending and provides up to date remaining budget information instantly on my phone. I know a recent resource of the week was Toshl but I don’t believe this has the bank account link. I have been frustratingly trying to align all my spending in one place for the purpose of tracking spend and budgeting. I have used budget apps and basic spreadsheet apps to input spend made from cash withdrawals ‘on the go’. I also have a main spreadsheet where I co
  3. Hi all I am currently in the process of renting out a house I have previously lived in for 5 years. I have carried out 'maintenance' on the property regularly, not made substantial improvements to the property, i.e. No extensions or layout charges but more decoration, carpets, wall tiles etc. I have fitted a new bathroom suite (but again not ‘improved’ the suite beyond how the original would have looked when it was new). I am aware that in the first year of your “property business” you can go back and claim any expense from 7 years prior to starting. But I don't know if that extends to
  4. Hi all, long time listener of the property podcast and reader of the forum. I wanted to become more actively involved now I own a B2L and feel like I have some experience, if only a couple of months. I’ve recently moved from a house I owned (mortgaged) to a joint mortgaged property with my partner. I have however retained my previous property as a single B2L. The move was more stressful than a normal move due to preparing the house for rental and the timing. We only just completed on 31st March avoiding the SDLT surcharge. I am currently based in the west midlands, north of Birmingham.
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