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  1. Hi There, Just getting in to the property Sourcing game. I am able to find BMV deal most I have found is at least 10% BMV properties even after additional cost of fee's etc. Any words of wisdom from any sourcing agents on here would be greatly appreciated. Also if anyone is reading this and has a particular interest in the wigan area and surrounding areas as far as liverpool please drop a message and share your thoughts, I am keen to learn what potential investors are looking for. Kind regards, Phill
  2. Hi Natasha, I apologise...as I am just butting in! What type of properties are you looking for and what Kind of ROI would be appealing? Kind regards, Phill
  3. Hi Matt, Sounds like a good plan. Almost makes me think, am I jumping the gun abit lol My plan is to do some sourcing. That is the only thing I can do really at this moment in time. I have very limited money to put away for a deposit. So still looking for my next step lol Kind regards, Phill
  4. Hi Matt, Yes I would be up for that at some point. Also do you have investor on your books if so where do you meet these investors? Or do you wait for them to come to you? Kind regards, Phill
  5. Hi Silv, Thank you for getting back to me and thank you everyone for your input. So dont work on the basis of 'would I live there' .....Ok I have taken that on board. But as for reading articles from property hub, I am reading every night and on lunch. And its sinking in. I just dont know where to start...Do I go start looking at properties right now or am I just wasting my time or shall I get investors on abroad then look for properties? I dont have XYZ in place. This is what is tripping me up. I need that foundation to build on. And how would you put a property proposal together? and what info would need to be on it? I apologise for the complete novice questions they sound idiotic I know lol Kind regards, Phill
  6. Hi Silv, Thank you for the reply. I am working on the basis of "would I live there" then looking at doing some simple sums like ROI/ Yeild and then comparing with what has sold in the same street and local area, that is where I am at for the moment. I am going to be attending the samuel leeds crash course at some point this year to get a better understand of what I want ( Is this a wise move?) please again any information would be grateful. Kind regards, Phill
  7. Hi everyone, My name is phill from liverpool. I am a complete newbie and have been reading as much as I can across different subject matter's regarding property investment. So naturally next thing to do it talk to like minded people. Any information or direction that anyone can give on property sourcing E.G best place to find investors , types of properties to look for etc. Would be extremely grateful. Kind regards.
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