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  1. Morning everyone, I have been stumped for a very long time in this and would appreciate some experienced advice ..... I have always wanted to invest in real estate. It is my dream to build a portfolio. Although I have 1 giant hurdle ...surely somebody else has been through something similar. I work as crew on a superyacht ... so I live on a boat year round.... I have absolutely no need for a residential home in UK as it would just be a big expense, and when I'm home I visit family ........ I earn a USD salary which is paid directly into a UK bank accou
  2. Hi everyone This is my 1st post, please tell me if it's in the wrong place! Please dont judge me to harshly on this idea - but it'd be great to get some advice I work offshore and am now saving all my money to put into property investments with the desire to build a portfolio. I want to have everything managed and, for the most part, be as hands off as possible. I listen to the podcast religiously and have done plenty of research - now I need to get a plan together and go for it! My biggest stumbling block so far - (i) getting a btl mortgage as a f
  3. Hi, I'd like to bump this thread. I am in the same situation.
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