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  1. Thank you both very much for the insights. Much appreciated.
  2. Hi. I have been looking at a new build development (just 9 properties) which are a timber construction. I know this is becoming more popular for speed of build and energy efficiency. I would be really keen to know people’s point of view about whether they hold their value in the long run and whether they are as robust as brick over the long term. They are very reasonably priced presumably because of this, but have some concerns. Pros and cons from anyone experienced in this area would be v helpful Thank you.
  3. Thanks so much for your response. That’s what I had assumed but good to have it clarified.
  4. Hi there I have potentially found a private buyer for my property. is it advisable to use a solicitor each, or could we potentially share the same solicitor? Thanks
  5. Hi there If anyone is able to give me some advice I'd be really grateful. I have a flat with a tenancy ending May 5th. 2 tenants who are friends. One is moving out. The other doesn't want to move out due to concerns over Covdi19 and wants to stay put and continue to pay his half of the rent. He also doesn't want to have someone new coming into the flat at this time. I have sympathy with his situation plus, it's unlikely I will be able to get new tenants, so having some income would be helpful. I'd like to be able to find a way to help him stay in the short-term, but where we are
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