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  1. Mark, not sure whether they stretch that far but we use Wolfs Letting Agents, Harborne for our property - they fully manage our property for an ok %. Cheers, Jon
  2. Thanks Andrew. Very useful. I'll pursue that with the accountant / solicitor. Thanks again.
  3. Hi. Interesting discussion on income received & how it's split between owners. My better half & myself have recently dipped a toe in to BTLs. As we're not married and my income is lower than hers, we were going to see whether the rent could be put against my income. We are going to talk to her accountant about this BUT as Sam White has found, not all accountants are fully conversant with BTL tax regs. I recall a Property Geek podcast which touched on this matter, which is where I got the idea from. Any thoughts on this as unmarried, cohabiting couple? Would be useful to
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