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  1. All, I have been offered an off plan opportunity to invest in a flat. The developer is asking for a 10% deposit upon exchange of contracts. I wanted to check if NHBC covers a 10% deposit for refurbishment projects as well as new build projects. Thanks
  2. Hey, I have been away so I haven't listened to the latest podcast yet. It wasn't me but I am definitively looking at 3 bed properties so will check it out.
  3. I have just put my first offer in, lets see what happens. The property is fairly close to Durrington train station, north of the railway line.
  4. I have a 3-bed refurb that I am negotiating on at the moment. When I visited the property I noticed some Japanese knotweed growing which was interesting. I think it has scared all the other investors away so there might be a deal to be had. I have dealt with it before at a property. It can play havoc with mortgages so I am considering buying for cash and then once it has been dealt with and the refurb has finished, re-mortgaging. I am still gathering information so would appreciate any thoughts.... I am also looking at a 3-bed town house in Tarring Village, no work is necessary, just need to get the price right.
  5. Morning, That's great kent614, when are you next down in Worthing? There are plenty of nice pubs opening up at the moment.... Thanks
  6. Hello All, I have always been fascinated with the built environment and my 14 years as a Structural Engineer has not damped my enthusiasm. I became an accidental landlord with my wife some years ago when we left Stoke-Newington in London. The lease on our 3 bed maisonette flat had dropped below 70 years and unknowingly at the time would mean that we would not be able to sell the property. So we decided to turn the property into a BTL, remortgage and with the money raised we bought a wreck down on the coast in sunny Worthing to refurbish. We are now ready for our next challenge and we have set our sights on starting a Limited company to grow a property portfolio in West Sussex and possibly further a field. I have spent the last 4 months reading and learning as much as I can about single let property investing and will continue to do so. What I am really after now are like minded people that I can bounce ideas off and talk about the local property market. If anyone is interested then I will buy the beers! Thanks everyone. James