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  1. Good afternoon all, after a bit of advice. Can’t seem to find much in terms of how to structure a deal for a private investor. I have a potential refurb refinance project coming up and have had an offer from a colleague after talking about it where he would lend me the money as an investment as a one off deal for a return. we got to talking and it dawned on me I don’t know what would be a reasonable return as this would be my first project with an investor. Quick numbers… 50k purchase price 12.5k deposit. 15-20k refurb cost 1500 fees (ish) refinance 95-100k, had 3 valuations and comparable sold recently. 10k from the investor rest my own cash. so what would be a good return for the investor? Thanks for reading 😅
  2. Good Afternoon Hubbers, First time posting here, long time lurker/listener to the podcast. I set myself a goal last year to begin my property investment journey when my current mortgage product ends at the beginning of this year via equity release, funding the deposit on my first BTL. All was going great, had some viewings, done my research, got independent appraisels on my own property etc. Ive now spoken to the bank and before they can release the equity in my home (around 50k) they need to see an offer accepted in principle for the property i want to buy as an investment. Around 2 months ago i called them enquiring about equity release for investment purposes and there was no mention of this being needed. The ideal situation i had in my mind where i wanted to be was cash in the bank ready to go when an opportunity arose in the area i want to invest, although I have properties in mind i want to put an offer in for i wanted to have the cash behind me before hand. I didnt really want to get into this but with the current situation, in my opinion now is the time to be looking for deals and having that cash to be able to negotiate is key. So my question is, is this standard practice? should i just go somewhere else? or do i just say equity release is for home improvements (where there isnt any extra information required) Any advice much appreciated, and if Rob and Rob see this, keep up the great work. Thanks, Chris
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