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  1. Hi Matt, I am at the very start. Aiming to get our first property in 2020, not necessarily in the SE but would be helpful if there was somewhere with yield around here! Don't fancy many long trips up north with a 8 month old in toe... How about yourself? Sam
  2. Hi all, Would appreciate feedback from those who have been there/done it. Looking at setting up a company to invest through for BTL property. Met with a tax adviser/accountancy firm who explained the different between a trading and investment company. He explained that because we are likely going to be hands off and using management companies we would likely have to set up as an investment company for tax pruposes which I understand limits the costs we can offset from a tax perspective. I'd be grateful to hear if others understand this in a similar way/has similar advice or if you ha
  3. Hi Ed, I am a fellow newby living in Bexley, Kent. Always useful to connect to share recommendations and alike. Sam
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