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  1. Thanks DereKT, will check them out. Yeah i didnt want to give an ultimatum I only said that in November so gave them some time. I also lost my job for 5.5 months of 2020 and so was going to sell the property, IMO half rent, no rent theres no difference over the period. If i accepted half rent then the whole process would have to start again to evict tenant, it doesn't sound like hes getting a job any time soon as cannot drive and I don't believe is actively looking.
  2. Could anyone recommend a company who specialise in this, who I can use to ensure I do everything properly?
  3. I could but I think he will not allow anyone to view it, would it affect my claim for the loss of rent?
  4. Hi all, just looking for a bit of advice regarding a tenant not paying rent and not answering any letters/ calls / emails claiming harassment and not to contact him. Tenant lost his job in March 2020, tenant paid reduced rate of half the rent, I then gave him an ultimatum, move out or i go to the courts. I use a letting agent, the tenant has threatened to report them for harassment if they keep trying to call him, and that they are giving him anxiety/mental health issues etc. I agreed to reduce the rate in April 2020 to half and served the section 21 on 26th August as he still h
  5. Hi all, I will be using an accountant to help set up a LTD company making sure it is set up in the most tax efficient way and legally. I'm here for some pre-advice and to gain some extra knowledge in the area as it is new territory for me. I am hoping for some replies of what you think would be the best way to do this for the long run. The situation is:- - I have 1 BTL mortgage valued at £155k with £85k mortgage left, and 1 residential mortgage (which i live in) at £140k with £102k mortgage left, in England. - Me and my partner are wanting to buy 1 property in Scotland between
  6. Thanks for advice. I ended up keeping the deposit. Tenant was happy with that.
  7. Hi, my tenants firstly sent a message on 23/6 saying they want to move out on the 28/7 and that he was giving me 1 months notice. (Only two months in to a 6month contract) the tenancy is an assured shorthold tenancy. We replied saying thats okay etc. as we live quite far away we are tired of the hassle and text messages etc and are going to go through an agent this time. He has now said he wants to move out on 1st of july and wants deposit back. His rent is due on the 1st of July. So am i right in thinking he should not get his deposit back as this will be his last months rent/notice? Thanks
  8. Hi, I am currently going through the process of letting my property out. As it is my first time I am worrying about the tenants we have chosen as they cannot provide a guarantor. Only 1 of them works full time but they have a good reference from their previous LL. I know the guarantor minimises the risk etc. but if we get landlords insurance that covers non payment of rent are we legally covering ourselves the same? Thanks
  9. Thanks for the welcomes. I have moved to Peterborough from Preston Lancashire, where I bought a house with my girlfriend so I am not entirely familiar with the area as a whole.. Purely because of the location and work etc. My plan is to move back up north in the next couple of years and rent my current house out in whittlesey. With their being factories, distribution centers and warehouses near by I do think it will be a good rental. Although I am unsure of the rental market in this area, I do check regularly to see how it moves but as I have said i am new to the area and learning
  10. Hi there, my profession is site/civil/survey engineering and I am currently looking for a property investment. My parents invest in property which has made me want to learn about the industry. After listening to your podcast's from day one i have become more interested in the topic. It has changed the way I look at property, my job, savings, investments and life in general. I found the book Rich Dad Poor Dad very educational too so thanks for the recommendation. I hope to gain more knowledge from this forum and thank you for the free information you offer. Thanks Jay
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