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  1. Can anyone recommend solicitors, letting agents and mortgage brokers for limited companies for buy to let in Glasgow? I'm not sure whether to manage some of the process or outsource the management as we might be moving out of the area. Who have you used? Anyone I should avoid?
  2. Just wondering if you ever got started? I am also starting my first investment in Scotland.
  3. Did you find out the answer to your question? I am just getting started too, although I wouldn't know how to do it without a deposit.
  4. That seems expensive. Did you find anyone cheaper?
  5. Congratulations on your first property purchase. How's it going now? Did everything go to plan? I am just about to invest in my first property. I'd be interested in meetups to share strategy in Scotland.
  6. Just wondering if you went ahead with this purchase? I am based in Scotland and just about to get started myself.
  7. That's great you already have one buy to let property. Where is your property and is it making a profit for you? I am just getting started myself.
  8. I am also just getting started. I live in West Lothian so thinking of starting here.
  9. I am also new here and getting started for the first time in Scotland. What stage are you up to?
  10. I was thinking the same thing. We currently live in Scotland but are thinking of moving to England which will make it easier to invest in properties there.
  11. I am also just about to start investing in Scotland. I was also looking at Kircaldy as we were thinking of moving there, and also thinking about Glasgow city centre. How do you get an accurate idea of what rental prices you can charge?
  12. I was also looking for a meetup in Scotland/Edinburgh. How do we get these started again?
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