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  1. Hi, Has anyone actually tried to claim on their rent guarantee insurance? That's the acid test! I have heard horror stories of it taking months, or years for payments to be made, and of slipperyness and small print blocking claims. I'm considering Rentguard (they are associated with the RLA, I believe), and Van Mildert. Can anyone recommend an insurer that plays fair and will actually pay out if the worst happens? Many thanks.
  2. Hi, You can automate everything - if you have a great agent. That's the tricky bit! A friend of mine from London has renovated her property in Australia several times over, but without a reliable and diligent agent (haha!) to project manage works, send quotes and samples etc, goodness knows what the end result would have been. Do you have any friends, family, or acquaintances that would be good at doing property checkups, or even project managing when needed? Even if you paid them it would be money well spent for peace of mind. Research as many age
  3. I believe that HMRC's own communications are causing confusion. They state online that capital gains can only be claimed within 4 years, but after calling the HMRC helpline it seems that losses can be offset indefinitely so long as they are reported within 4 years of the loss.
  4. Hi Simon, Many thanks for this. Best wishes, Kay
  5. Hi, I have a loss of about £50k in capital gains losses. Am I right in understanding that HMRC no longer allow losses to be carried forward indefinitely and I will just have to kiss that money goodbye? One option is to sell other properties which would allow me to use the loss before it "expires", but doesn't seem like a very smart idea in general... Are there any other options that I'm missing? This is a pretty bitter pill to swallow if I can't use the losses as and when I wish to sell up in future. Many thanks!
  6. Arthur, I meant. There's another tool called Alf that I use, so pls excuse the brain blip!
  7. Hi Richard, Thanks very much for the comprehensive response! I'll definitely take a look at Alf and chew on the other items. Much appreciated :-)
  8. Hi All, I think I need some fresh perspective! I've been a full time landlord since August last year. I have no other income apart from rent from 4 East London BTL's. The properties: 1. Value 475k, mortgage 198k. End of term approaching 2. Value 270k, mortgage 4k. SVR 3. Value 180k, mortgage 3.5k. SVR 4. Value 275k, mortgage 113k. End of term approaching The things swirling round my head are: 1. Moving to or having extended periods in Europe. How should I put a solid set of systems in place to minimise issues? (I've not had good experiences with agents and self manage right now.) Id
  9. Hi All, I really need some advice. I've never gone down the multi-let route before but now want to turn a 2 bed house into a living room and bedroom for 1 tenant upstairs and a room, plus conservatory and exclusive garden access for 1 tenant downstairs. This will allow me to increase my rent by £600-700 pcm. My issues are: 1. I know that I need a specific type of AST for this and I have a great 'joint and several' one, but it cannot be used for this purpose. Does anyone know of a solid AST for tenancies for individual rooms please? 2. If I go down this route instead of having a
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