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  1. Brilliant, I will check out the US ones. Thanks Derek!
  2. Hi Kane, You should be able to release some money if what you have explained is correct. It usually goes off the valuationof the property, the LTV and obviously your affordability. My advice would be go to a broker which has access to the whole market. Also because your mortgage term is coming to the end you could always move lenders and shouldn’t occur any fees. Best wishes going forward, Jase
  3. Hi Rhys, Hope you are ok. I do fit kitchens myself and depending on the kitchen, eg what kind of worktop, how many corners there is, weather it’s flat packed or pre built and what kind of/how many appliances there is, I charged between £500 and £950. Have you had many prices as of yet? What part of Yorkshire do you live in? Jase
  4. Hi Jambone, I don’t know much about Grants personally but I was having a conversation with a solicitor yesterday about a Grant. Im in the process of buying a property to flip but we have had issues due to a grant coming up when we received the searches back. It was for a disability grant which is 4 years into a 10 year grant. I don’t know much about it but what my legal team said I would be taking on the grant if I completed when planned. Apparently that meant either paying the 8k or rent it to local Authority tenants. (This wouldn’t of been a problem if I wasn’t attempting to increase my available capital). This confused me and I had no idea about these things. So after a lot of conversations between both legal teams I had to get something from the sellers solicitor called a solicitors promise which means I can now complete and the seller will take responsibility for the grant. Sorry I can’t help or answer your question but I just wanted to share what I was told. So I do think grants can help if you will to rent to certain tenants but my solicitor told me the council are very contradicting too. Best wishes going forwards Jase
  5. Brilliant, thanks for the reply, I will keep an eye out. I have just signed for my next project which will be a full refurb, but when done, I don’t think it’ll be sustainable for a holiday let, so I can’t help you on that, sorry. Hopefully other Huber’s may be able too. Best wishes Jase
  6. Or put a nice wheelie bin storage unit in the front or your property. I was just saying Dennis, that was my “personal” opinion due to the space inside the property\extention I would use a lot more then walk a bin up and down the side of the property. But yes you have a valid point!
  7. Hi everybody. Just asking if anybody can suggest any property programs/ documentaries worth watching. Thanks Jase
  8. Hi, This is a great way to gain more capital and expand. It is exactly what me and my wife did when we started out. Borrowed more on our mortgage and got a property to flip. We have been doing this for many years now with buying some btls along the way and sourcing and renovation for other investors. You just have to manage the flip realistically with budgets and time scales and more importantly buy the right property. Im sure you could release money out of your property if you have passed the affordability. I would go back to your broker or even meet with another. A rule for one lender may be different to another. Keep us updated on your situation and best wishes with you journey. Jase
  9. Hi Tom, Great strategy you’ve got, enjoyed reading this post. Keep it up and you will be able to leave your job sooner rather than later. I currently have a couple of BTLs but concentrating on flipping again to gain more capital. Best wishes going forward Jase
  10. Hi, Sorry I cannot help you with a solicitor in the Liverpool area but if you are still in need of a builder please feel free to get in touch. Best wishes with everything Jase
  11. For what reason would you want to pay over the 10% and incur unnecessary charges? Jase
  12. What are you planning on doing with the property, flipping, BRR, personal etc.. Personally I can’t see what a street name would have any impact on price, certainly not that much of a difference! There must be different factors as to why the property prices differ that much from one street to the other. best wishes Jase
  13. My personal opinion would be to maximise the space on the extension. I feel having side access is only used for the bins! Keep us informed best wishes Jase
  14. Hi again Emma, I see you have now agreed a price. You want to mention to the sparky to also put coaxial cables in where the TVs are going to be whilst the wall are chased out so all cables within the home are in the wall. (That’s if you haven’t already). I do this in every renovation for a better Finnish for the person who purchases the property. Best wishes and keep us all up to date with photos!!! Jase
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