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  1. @jonny welch send me some info on here via a message with more details about the property, expected return etc an any other research you’ve done on it. Regards Jase
  2. Hi @j-smith . For me i would almost certainly get the searches done. You say your are happy with how the properties state of condition and repair status, so if anything give the survey a miss, As Conveyancing property searches can reveal if there are any risks to a property being purchased in relation to issues like contaminated land, flooding, planning, mining or subsidence, and more. A local authority search, for example, will provide information about the property being a listed building, if it is in a conservation area, if building regulations have been approved for any extensions and if any land within the property is required for public use and other things.Property searches help to protect homebuyers by providing them with enough information to make an informed decision about continuing with the purchase of their property. Personally I have had issues when the searches have return with something to do with a parish (nothing to do with the property but where the property is) an I have to pay for insurance. All the best Jase
  3. Hi @dino v Its all about the numbers. Don’t worry about getting tenants because if you market it right you will attract them. There is always a need for bungalows. I have one in my portfolio and it is one of the most consistent ones. Bought for 79k rents out for £725pcm and now worth between £150,000 and 160,000. Never had a void period. Jase
  4. Look forward to seeing some of your work Jim. Great comment @conrad_paton
  5. Jim, all @REinvestor was asking are question any potential partner would ask. I understand what you are looking for in a partner but all he is attempting to do is find out your potential JV strategies and how you work out the numbers. Regards Jase
  6. Thanks @alastairkennedy , I will give this a try this evening. appreciated. Jase
  7. Good evening, Just a quick question. I usually design/draw up the refurbs of my properties by hand with a ruler. I attempted to use some sort of software a couple of years ago but I didn’t get on with it. Im after any suggestions about any sites or softwares which I can personally use to design the kitchen layouts. Just something to play about with, a change from the drawings. Regards, Jase
  8. Good morning, i will certainly share my ideas of this. @tengreenbricks do you have any space to the back of the property at all? Also have you got a budget in mind? Remember though you want to add value for profit (I assume) be mindful of the ceiling prices in the area.
  9. Hi, Are you still after a solution for this, if so Message me and I will give you my solution. Jase
  10. Yes, I agree exactly what Conrad said about just because it’s sourced is it the right one?? Personally I would never use a sourcer to find a property. No matter what you want your ideas will always be different to the sourcing companies. Take a hour or so each night to do your own research. What kind of return are you looking for, what price range and will it be mortgaged? I will have a little look for you attempting to achieve your returns. Regards Jase
  11. Did the owner ever get located, if so what method did you use to find this? Regards Jase
  12. Hi, reply is a bit late but subsequently it’s down to your number and what you want from this. What target market. What standard Finnish you looking for? (personally do my flips to hit the celling price for the area) How many windows are you looking to replace. I may b3 able to advise a place to go depending on your location. keep the post going. good luck with you flip, is it your first one? jase
  13. Hi @kiddtom Welcome and like I said on the other welcome posts, if you need help/advice just ask. “”If the guys on here don’t know it, it’s not worth knowing””. Good luck with everything. What is your Business plan to gain capital for mor3 properties. Jase
  14. Yes I agree with students being cash cows but this is 100% wrong and gives LL bad names. Damp caused by living conditions is very easily fixable as I said below with a positive pressure unit. I had 6 people living in a semi 4 grown up two younger. I tried everything, 4 years ago I fitted one of these units and there hasn’t been any since, not even a drop of condensation on the window. There are various makes and models and I would Recommend 100%.
  15. Welcome @robsmith. Im sure you will learn a lot off this forum. If somebody on here doesn’t know it then it’s no5 worth knowing. There’s A variety and wealth of experience from lots of people on here. What strategy/strategies do you have in place going forward, outdoor you share them with us? Best wishes going forward. Jase