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  1. Hi Iilla My broker has found a lender now so hopefully onward and upwards. Thanks for the advice
  2. Spoken to my broker again and they said they are making sure they get the right lender. The broker hasn't asked and I haven't mentioned how long the arrangement is for. Thanks for the advice John, I appreciate it
  3. Thank for the support Jase. my strategy going forward is to get 4 HMO's (4 beds) or a couple of good single lets with a HMO thrown in and then wherever my property journey takes me. Just had an offer accepted this afternoon on a 4 bed terrace, but I think I might struggle finding a lender because i'm planning on giving the property to the council. Apparently this is called rent back guarantee and some lenders won't touch it
  4. Hi all, I've had an offer accepted this afternoon but I think I might have a problem getting a mortgage. I had previously spoken to the local council and told them about the possible purchase and they said they would gladly take the property and guarantee me the rent every month directly into my account. Now the problem is the tenants could be a working family or on benefits and I cannot choose who I want in the property. My broker said I have been refused by one lender because it is a rent back guarantee and they will try more tomorrow. Is this going to be a problem going forward?
  5. Hi I'm Paul from brum, new to the property hub forum. Started on my property journey In May and began educating myself end of June after I quickly found out property Isn't as easy as people make out ( HOMES UNDER THE HAMMER) I think I'm all set to start looking again... here goes.
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