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  1. Haha then you could use the £750 to lease your Maserati! Everyone's a winner!
  2. Thanks so much for this! Really interesting reading, I will study in closer detail now!
  3. Thanks so much, all, for this advice. I really appreciate it. My problem is this: I get that there are properties in such places as Bootle and possibly even New Brighton that one could purchase for as little as £50k but something we haven't covered at all, and something that pushes me more towards the managed new-builds is the fact that one can't just buy these properties and rent them out. They need serious work doing to them first and anyone can see that. So my question to you wonderful people who are really helping me in this is: is it safe and possible to invest in BTLs with these new-builds I have been coveting or am I literally better off to buy a 'do-er up-er' which of course I will have to source builders etc etc for in a place I don't know??
  4. Hi Jonathan, this is really interesting and has galvanised my decision to stop dilly dallying...you say you have off-market deals ranging from £50k...what does that actually mean? Thanks.
  5. I take your point, and as buy to let investors, we are obviously interested simultaneously in rental yields and long term growth, and especially in these areas, I think one, certainly of their points is, that the area and naturally the market becomes flooded with identical investment opportunities ergo money-out becomes difficult if you wanted to sell in the near future. I think it depends on how you are looking at the investment: for me, I intend to keep mine long-term, and I guess when you're looking at this type of investment, that's what you have to bear in mind...
  6. You make some really interesting points, and of course, this is problem, we don't know. I have to quite agree about the cold and the rain! Can't wait to get out of it!
  7. As there is so much choice out there, and in light of Brexit, what's everyone's thoughts on investing in Spanish holiday property?
  8. This is actually really interesting because I have been looking (and procrastinating) about doing exactly the same in Liverpool for years. I am fascinated that you have done it, and indeed I was told the same, that a lot of the tenants are foreign students who are subsidised by their Governments. There are also a lot of apartments taken by foreign business companies for their staff...however, having had a snoop around lately with this idea in mind, I don't think these foreign students are like our domestics ones! The buildings seem very quiet and well looked-after...I just need to take the plunge...
  9. I have actually come across this before and guess what, I spun it the other way and my tenants loved it: something like Cemetery Road is easy to remember! But remember it's really not important to a lot of people, so it's probably not that...
  10. Hi Esteban, There are some fabulous investments in Liverpool and some excellent help-to-buy schemes. I am looking at purchasing a buy to let in the Docklands area as they are going for a song, still. However, I should think you could get a real bargain in Bootle, and to be honest, you can't really go wrong going by the level of investment into the area in general. If it's your first project, then start small and you'll be fine. Good luck.
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