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  1. Hi Amrit, Did you go ahead with any of the agencies? if so, how are you getting on? I am just getting started on the property investment and I am looking for my 1st House to buy within Milton Keynes. I've been in a Property events which I learned that it is posible to manage yourself SAs with little less time and effort than you think by using some online tools. Let me know how are you getting on and I'll let you know the tools if you are interested. Regards.
  2. Hi there, Unfortunately I’m a newbie and I can’t give you much advise, but it sure looks promising. I heard in a podcast that some people dedicated to property use the LNPG for refurbishments, but I’ve never used them, so I can’t give you personal references. I hope someone on this forum can give you more advice and you keep us informed with your progress . Best of luck.
  3. Hi Bob, I notice this post went quiet for a long time and I was wondering how are you getting on with your goals. I am also starting and I thought you had a god plan lined up. I hope you are doing very well. Regards.
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