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  1. Thanks David, You're right, I believe the property will be worth more once the £5k refurb has taken place. Actually, somewhere closer to £80k as you have suggested - You must be a mind reader Stocks investment is a vehicle I use, property is simply to diversify and give myself a solid foundation. No doubt we'll see another recession within the next 8-15 years, so i'm looking to future proof my investments. Thanks for taking the time to reply. Dan
  2. Thanks Julia, makes sense, and I assumed may be the case. The long game is fine with me, and it's absolutely my intention to hold possibly forever. The gains just seem minimal, when there is so much money to be made out there!
  3. Hi Tracey, Property is in the North East, and as it's a mid terrace house, with 2 beds, there is no possibility of serviced accom. My concern isn't so much the need for better yields, I'm happy with this yield, but simply to understand how a break even point can be so far away. Thanks Dan
  4. Hi All, New to Property Hub and Prop Investing in general, just posted an intro within the relevant forum if you'd like to say hi! There's a burning question which has been on my mind since I dipped my toe into property investment (and probably should have sought an answer to before taking the plunge).... The 'Breakeven Point' - How long should it take? Recently i've purchased my first BTL (£68k 2 bed). So as not to bore you, I won't give exact financial specifics, but to summarise: £2k Stamp £5.5k fees (includes sourcing fee) £5k refurb Total initial outlay theref
  5. Hi All, New to Property Hub (and property investing in general). Joining following listening to Rob's audiobook, the Complete Guide... I currently work within the manufacturing industry, specifically sofas, and therefore have many contacts within the furniture industry. The irony is, whilst only in my property investment infancy, i'm quickly learning that unfurnished is almost always the best way to go! Perhaps it will come in useful one day Anyway, I've recently purchased my first BTL, in the North East, where i've found some good value. Looking over the coming 6 mon
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