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  1. So after last nights election result, will this be the beginning of the boom for the next 5 years? I have just re-listened to episode 69 in which the two Rob's talk about the 18 year property cycle. This episode was recorded in 2014 and they predicted a wobble in 2017/2018 which is more or less true if a year early as we have seen this during the Brexit shenanigans. Could this now be the end of the wobble, if we leave the EU next month and a majority government starts to ramp up government spending? I work in the house building industry and our CEO is very optimist in regards to the impact of last nights result in the respect that the general public will be a little less reserved in regards to making future property purchases.
  2. Conrad, Yes I have read that I would require a holiday let mortgage to allow serviced accommodation to be used.
  3. On a similar vein, I am curious to know how this would this work for serviced accommodation. ie. I own a property as an individual, then set up a ltd company to operate the property as serviced accommodation.
  4. @Adam Hosker what would be the difference between Directors/shareholders. This is potentially something me and my dad could be looking to do as he is nearly 60 and i am nearly 30. As my parents have a poor pension plan, my idea at the moment would be to set up the ltd company in which we are both part of, share the net profits we generate, then when the dreaded time comes, I will take full ownership of the company. Also i see you are based in Pudsey, so i may contact you regarding broker services in the future when the time is right.
  5. Just a thought, would it make more sense purchasing properties in a Ltd company where the two generations can both be directors?
  6. I have an apartment near Leeds city centre but now looking at the Wakefield area
  7. Ben, Sounds like you have a strong goal and a real direction to where you want to be. Are you looking to invest in and around Bradford? I live in Wakefield and looking for my second property in West Yorkshire.
  8. I have started doing my own research of Doncaster due to the property prices and it being about 45 minute drive from my home, however there does appear to be a large Article 4 area within the town centre
  9. Just to add to Tinyempires comment; I have worked for national/regional house builders for the past 6 years and have very rarely built a bungalow. In the odd occasion we have it was due to planning from the local council.
  10. Can anyone recommend a Bridge-To-Let provider? I have my eyes set on an auction property and would require a bridge loan for the finance and would then be looking at renting the property out after 6 months once the refurbishment has finished. Also I would like to do this within a Ltd Company.
  11. I will be spending a few months renovating the property. I just wanted to double check.
  12. Is it possible to re-mortgage my BTL with no AST?
  13. Sri, I have just sent you a private message regarding investing in Leeds.
  14. Hi paddy, Thank you for the luck! I seem to listen or read about property everyday, as most people say that investing in yourself is very important. Even though i don’t have enough capital at the moment to purchase another property I am constantly on rightmove seeing what properties come up, how much they are asking and seeing which sell quickly and try find out how much they sold for. I am just trying to prepare myself the best i can for when i can remortgage my current BTL. Plus I am going to attend my first networking event in November which i am excited about as it will be great to meet like minded property investors both online and in person.