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  1. Dear Property Forum, I have a property, un-mortgaged, no chain and used to be our primary house. However, we've now rented it for 2 years to good tenants who have asked whether they can extend for a further 2 years. The yield on the property is 4.5% on a value of £700k. Is there a market for selling tenanted properties of this value, and if there is how do I access it? Or, do I keep the property tenanted and incur capital gains in the future upon selling? My preference as it stands is to sell the property without capital gains. Any help and advice would be most
  2. Good Morning, I recently bought my first property in May this year with the intention to live in it and commute to London. However, a change in circumstance means that I'll be required in London far more often than initially thought. As a result, I see the commute being untenable and would like to rent my flat out to (at the very least) cover costs. I've got a couple of friends who would be willing to rent from me, but do I have to change the mortgage to a B2L, or can I keep the mortgage as is, if I'm renting to friends? Any help or advice would be much appreciated! Dal
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