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  1. Hello, I own 3 HMOs through my limited company. As they are HMOs, my company needs to pay for the utility bills. To be able make the utility related expenses Tax deductible, should I register these utilities as Business/Commercial energy so that the bills are under my Limited company’s name? Or even if I register the utilities as domestic under my personal name (Company director), will they still be tax deductible? The business energy rates are considerably higher than the domestic ones, but I don’t want to have any problem with the tax calculations. Thank you in advance
  2. Hi all, I have recently established a limited company and about to buy some BTL properties under this company. I have transferred some monies from my personal bank account into the company bank account. These monies are considered as Directors loans (from me to the company). my solicitor asked me to provide a directors loan agreement document and the board meeting minutes showing that the loan is accepted by the company. as I do not have an accountant right now, I will need to prepare them my self. Is there anyone who can help me find some templates for these please?
  3. Hi Conrad, thank you for your reply. I sent you a LinkedIn connection request. Maybe you can help me source some BTL properties. Regards Volkan
  4. Hi all, hve a very quick question; I am planning to lend some money to my own limited company (zero interest) to buy a BTL. I believe this is called director’s loan so that my limited company can pay it back to me in the future without any tax implications. My question is, do I need to fill any standard forms to establish this loan relationship between my self (director) and my company? thanks in advance volkan
  5. Hi there, i am a British expat planning to invest in BTL and HMO properties in the UK. I have been doing some research recently and came across an HMO sourcing/converting/full management company suggesting that you can get +20% gross yields in and around Liverpool (especially Wirral). Being a newbie, just wanted to check if this sounds reasonable. Thanks in advance. Volkan
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