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  1. Hi Conrad, Maybe I wasn't clear with my question and I'm sorry for that. At the moment I'm not planing to move. The whole process is for the future. Let say in 4 years, at the same period of time, I want to move to my new residential house and then put this one in BTL. The question is, should I put my spare money into my savings account or to invest them into the mortgage (10% annual repayments) and other improvements (extension) of this house ? (I'm trying to find out the process behind moving the house to BTL and releasing the equity from this one so I can plan for f
  2. Hi all, My name is Cosmin and I start the journey of investing by buying a small 2 bedrooms house in Leamington Spa (50 m2). It was the house I was renting so I thought it was a good idea to have it until I'm saving enough to move to a bigger house (the one where you raise your children and live for the rest of your life). At the moment the house can accept some big upgrades: heating / bathroom / an extension (around 10 m2 ground level only ) I have 10% equity at the moment. I know I need to have around 25% of it to be able to move the mortgage to BTL
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