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  1. Hi Anyone who purchased properties in Deansgate Square South Tower, Manchester, who wishes to join the newly formed Residents Association please contact us. We are having a Zoom meeting soon, important topics to be discussed, and it would be great to have you on board. We are committed to maintaining high standards for Deansgate, as well as keeping an eye on service charges Email southtowerresidents@gmail.com to join. Membership is free!
  2. Hi. My tenants have given notice and wish to leave end of May this year. All fine, until coronavirus reared its head. My question is, do you think the rental market will slow down a great deal in London? This is a four bed nice property in Clapham which has very rarely been empty in years. However, having just purchased another two BTL in Manchester, I don't want to get caught out with an empty flat. Any views/ advice appreciated.
  3. Hi I'm considering a corporate rent for a family who have come to London from Johannesburg. I wish to purchase a really good rental insurance just for peace of mind. Any ideas of good companies? Any advice would be much appreciated. Elizabeth
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