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  1. Hi Cathie, I returned to London on Sunday night. Thanks for the offer though! I explored a fair bit, viewed some new builds and some terraces and got a feel for different areas from the City Center to places like Dingle, Sefton, Wavertree and Stoneycroft. Also made some decent contacts, so all in all a good research trip!
  2. Any takers? I'll be there on 30/11/19 - 01/12/19.
  3. Hi guys, Did any of you go ahead with RW Invest? They've been contacting me about new builds in the Baltic Triangle but the numbers don't really add up.
  4. Hi All, I'll be heading up to visit Liverpool at the end of the month to get a feel for the place and view some properties. Im looking to get my first BTL here and I'd enjoy the chance to meet a local and talk about the city, its pros and cons, and what opportunities to look for over a coffee/ lunch. If anyone is around, please get in touch! Best regards, Alex
  5. Hi All, For starters, I'm relatively new to property investment. Born and live in East London, I have one purchase, an overseas property I grabbed in 2016 BMV, which is netting me a pretty decent yield (10% gross, about 6% net) - though it did have some roof issues which I found out a year later after torrential rain! However, I left it there, 50% of the time tenanted, and decided to focus on the stock market, averaging 7% yield annually. However, the current climate is so unpredictable, it doesn't suit my style of play as I just don't have the time to analyse the markets as much a
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