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  1. Hi Rachelle I'm from Bristol and a Newbie too :-) I am still in the research phase (spending hours reading, listening to podcasts and pouring over statistics) but I wanted to find a broker who would help give me some indicators on mortgage products and costs. After a few blind alleys I found a guy called Paul Snook from Steve Mears Brokers in Clifton who was really helpful in answering my questions and quick to respond with a follow-up a few days later. I told him that I was just after some basic info to see what was possible for me in investment terms and he was happy to help. Mi
  2. Hi Conrad Thanks for taking the time to help - very much appreciated. I have found a local broker who seems to tick all of those boxes but I will certainly keep your offer in mind going forward. Thanks once again. Paddy
  3. Hi Matthew. Fellow newbie here. Sounds like you've put loads of thought into where you are going and how you are going to get there. I don't have anything to add as I'm further behind than you (in fact I've learnt loads just by reading your intro :-)) but just wanted to say hello, welcome and very best of luck.
  4. Ah I see - sorry for misunderstanding your original post. It sounds like we're here for the same reasons :-) Thanks for your kind sentiments - very best of luck to you too.
  5. Hi All Thanks for taking the time to read my introduction and for the replies. TJ - thanks for tips. I'm busy working my way through the website, podcasts and courses and learning lots as I go. A long way still to travel but I'm getting there and enjoying the journey. Conrad - Thanks for the great advice regarding starting with motivation & goals. I'm in the process of taking some vague thoughts on that and turning them into structured goals which I can then use to produce to a property strategy amongst other plans. It's a really cathartic process but is involving quite a
  6. Hi All I am looking for recommendations for an architect in the Bristol area. I have a 3-bed end of terrace with large enough land for another, same size, property with parking. I'm looking for someone to produce plans and give me some direction/advice on what to build (e.g. flats/house etc). Any help would be very much appreciated. Paddy
  7. Hello all. I just wanted to take a few paragraphs to say hi and introduce myself. In summary ... I'm a time rich, knowledge poor (very!) accidental owner of 2 rental properties. I've run my own small business for the last 20 years and qualified as an accountant a very long time ago. I'm right at the start of deciding whether a property investment business would be right for me and am just at the stage of understanding just how much I don't know! I found Property Hub through this learning process. I live in Bristol and the French Alps. If any of you has any usef
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