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  1. Thanks for the above, aware of the circumstances but now looking to the next steps and solution mode, you mention there are lenders....who are these? Available to access directly or through a broker? If so, what broker and how do I get in touch? Keen for this info as you seem to have achieved what I am looking to do.
  2. Hi Conrad, hope you can find this one! Yes please, would be interested to hear what your broker says regarding the situation and what advice he may have. Happy to provide anymore details if necessary. Look forward to hearing from you, thanks again.
  3. Hi all, I have made a directors loan of £100k into my Ltd company which is registered as an SPV. Bought a property for £100k through the business at auction, (£11k p/a return - self managed). The property is a terraced house (1 freehold) converted into 2 flats (2 x AST's). It has a pet shop to one side and a fishing tackle on the other side. There is a takeaway 2 doors down. I have owned this for 6 months now and wanted to remortgage and raise capital. Personally I pass all of the questions I have been asked reference my own salary (over £25k p/a). I have been told lenders are not
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