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    York, Hull, Selby, Goole, Howden, Hessle, Cottingham, Doncaster
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    My main job is a Marine Surveyor, which essentially means I make maps of the seabed. I thoroughly enjoy this job and will always continue to strive forward in this career. However property refurbishment and investing has always been a key interest of mine right from an early age.
  • Property investment interests
    I bought my first property when I was 24 years old in Hull. I rented out several rooms to lodgers and my love for property grew from there.
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    I'm developing skills in all aspects of property, such as refurbishment and finance.
  • My goals
    I essentially would like to build up a decent portfolio using the great power of leverage.
  • Interests outside property
    I've always loved action sports, such as mountain biking, mountaineering, sailing, snowboarding, waterskiing etc. However golf takes up a lot of my time these days.

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  1. Hi John How's tricks? I don't live too far away in Beverley. :) So what's the latest with the purchase of these 4 properties? I'm similar to you in the sense I kind of started as an accidental landlord when I bought my first property just off princess ave in Hull. Rented out rooms to lodgers, then sold up and bought in York. (Where I'm originally from) Now rented that place out fully and moved in with my girlfriend in Bev. Also bought a 2 bed flat in Hessle last year and got it rented out just before lockdown! Feel free to get in touch! Benji
  2. Now then Chris and Kathy! Just saw this and noticed "Beverley" in your post, so thought I'd drop you a line - haha! I spend quite a bit of time in Beverley as that's where my misses lives but my main home is in York. I've got quite a few recommendations for builders and tradesmen in the area, so just drop us a message if you want me to pass on their details. Where abouts are you looking in the area for investing? Look forward to hearing from you. Benji
  3. Hi there, thanks for the reply. Ok fair enough, just to clarify that's £180 per month you pay? Cheers
  4. Hi everyone! Always been eager to post on here and finally have a question! My situation is that I have a single buy to let flat that was purchased in a company name. (I set up the company a couple of years ago) I'm currently achieving a pre tax monthly profit of £270. (After monthly mortgage (3.7% Interest only 5 year fixed with Paragon), Service Charge and Ground rent has been taken away) I've always had an accountant lined up, however they are wanting a monthly fee of £62.50 plus VAT for their services. For that they will offer; "the preparation of a small set of
  5. Hi Jake How much work are we talking for the property? I believe if it's deemed "Unhabitable", you won't get a buy to let mortgage. (It would be bridging finance that you'd need) Essentially you should be able to live in the property right from the get go for a buy to let mortgage. Nice going with your advanced borrowing - that's exactly what I did and purchased my first buy to let. On a completely different and random note, did the buy to let mortgage lender pull you up on the source of your deposit? I had a lender once decline me a buy to let mortgage due to source of my de
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