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  1. I started educating myself on R2R last month, so still learning. I believe there is a market for it. Most landlords that have a BTL give their property to a managing agent....so what is the difference with a HMO? There are some HMO landlords that have been in the game for decades and are tired of it and would like passive income. R2R allows them this opportunity. You also have to think not all landlords live close to their properties, some have relocated or even emigrated far away so need someone to take charge. To operate in R2R you need knowledge to not only safeguard yourself, but also the landlord and the tenants so it's not something to enter into on a whim (I'm not suggesting you are).
  2. Congrats on making the decision to do R2R. I decided to embark on R2HMO last month so it's relatively new to me to. I'll try and answer as many questions as possible. 12. I'm not sure about account fees. They vary, London can be more expensive. 13. When registering as a LTD you provide a SIC code to HMRC which details what type of business you are. There is no license for this. 14. You are a property management company, not a lettings agent 15. Unaware of any license. But you should have public liability insurance and register with a redress scheme. 16. Not sure you can request 2mths rent in advance. You should collect deposit and register it with deposit scheme as you can claim some or all of it if the tenant damages the property. 17. Speak to a property solicitor. It is a niche market so needs to be handled correctly. 18. I used a company formation company as it included a business address that wasn't my home address. 19. Probably best to do further research. Loads on YouTube. A few books out there too. Several R2R mentors in London and people sharing their progress on Instagram.
  3. I live in London and having visited Liverpool 3x times with and without a sourcer, did a lot of desktop research, podcasts, YouTube, Facebook groups ai knew where I wanted to buy. Property listed on a Wed, had a viewber rep see it on Fri. Having viewed pics on Rightmove I told him what things I wanted pictures/video of and what to ask the vendor who was doing the viewings themselves. Spoke with the rep on Fri evening and had vids/pics and details of the area on Sat and had an offer accepted on the Sat. Viewed the property myself approx 6-8wks later (tied in 2x lettings agents too) and had a builder round and was still happy. Hoping to complete end of this month! Oversees investors do this all the time, but I think you need to know the area too. Good luck!
  4. Good luck with that convo with the vendor. My building survey in a previous property showed possible damp. Had a damp survey and there was about £7K work needed. The vendor wasn't even prepared to meet me down the middle
  5. I originally was looking for a 3-bed house in L20 Bootle, but it was getting really competitive and everything was selling at or above listed price within days of being on the market. I am hoping to complete on a 3-bed house in Orrell Park next month
  6. Hi @sherry101 it has got very competitive. Properties going for at or above price advertised, and even worse with auctions! I'm hoping to complete on my first in L9 in May. How is your journey going?
  7. This would be my first BTL. I was torn between Sheffield and Liverpool truth be told. Ant suggestions on areas to research in Sheffield. Budget 90K (with mortgage)?
  8. Hi Dominic. I'm considering my first BTL in Sheffield. Wanted to know, 2yrs on how has your journey been.
  9. @alex littlechild I too feel the heart of the city is saturated. I'm looking a little further as likely to get some capital uplift. Unsure whether new build will go up in value over the next few years. I'm aiming for 2-3bed houses.
  10. Great question Jacquie, I had similar questions. Also wondered about is there anything in particular I should be looking for when viewing the property?
  11. @jmatharu89 what other areas were you considering if you don't mind me asking?
  12. @amariino I thought it was just me! Haven't been up to Liverpool yet, but have definitely noticed a change in prices. Making me wonder should I be looking elsewhere!
  13. Hi all. In a similar situation. Londoner, trying to buy in the North
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