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  1. Good luck with that convo with the vendor. My building survey in a previous property showed possible damp. Had a damp survey and there was about £7K work needed. The vendor wasn't even prepared to meet me down the middle
  2. I originally was looking for a 3-bed house in L20 Bootle, but it was getting really competitive and everything was selling at or above listed price within days of being on the market. I am hoping to complete on a 3-bed house in Orrell Park next month
  3. Hi @sherry101 it has got very competitive. Properties going for at or above price advertised, and even worse with auctions! I'm hoping to complete on my first in L9 in May. How is your journey going?
  4. This would be my first BTL. I was torn between Sheffield and Liverpool truth be told. Ant suggestions on areas to research in Sheffield. Budget 90K (with mortgage)?
  5. Hi Dominic. I'm considering my first BTL in Sheffield. Wanted to know, 2yrs on how has your journey been.
  6. @alex littlechild I too feel the heart of the city is saturated. I'm looking a little further as likely to get some capital uplift. Unsure whether new build will go up in value over the next few years. I'm aiming for 2-3bed houses.
  7. Great question Jacquie, I had similar questions. Also wondered about is there anything in particular I should be looking for when viewing the property?
  8. @jmatharu89 what other areas were you considering if you don't mind me asking?
  9. @amariino I thought it was just me! Haven't been up to Liverpool yet, but have definitely noticed a change in prices. Making me wonder should I be looking elsewhere!
  10. Hi all. In a similar situation. Londoner, trying to buy in the North
  11. Hi i'm seriously considering investing in TS1, did you purchase in the area in the end? What are your thoughts now?
  12. I'd like to know also, as I've read elsewhere that the area is ok.
  13. Morning. Would be interested to know if you did purchase in this area and how it all went.... Newbie here. Naomi
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