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  1. Hi Conrad, I few days ago I got an email from PropertyGeek.net offering The Ultimate Property Investment Toolkit but I didn't buy because I am still saving for my first investment so I don't want to rush into things
  2. Hello all, You guys probably got the email about the Ultimate Property Investment Toolkit. I am still a year from buying my first BTL but I am using this time to learn from wherever I can: podcasts, books, this forum, the Property Hub university free courses and so on. What's your opinion on this material of the Toolkit.? A little bit price for me at this moment.
  3. Hello my name is Fernando and I live in Essex - Chelmsford and I just discovered the property hub this morning as I'm starting my journey to sow a few seeds for the future and investing in property it seems an excellent choice so I am here to learn from you guys and thank you in advance for your patience Nice to meet you all.
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