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  1. Thanks for the help. We will focus on Leeds initially and then potentially look at Manchester further down the line. In terms of investing in properties that we think will provide good capital growth vs high yielding properties - this is something I have found interesting. Most advice I have read says you must choose one of these strategies. Would you not advise to have a portfolio with some properties aimed at long term capital growth and some properties aimed towards high yields/cash flow? Thank you for the heads up regarding the goals call etc. All the best
  2. Hi Julia, Thanks for the heads up. We have considered this a lot. We will look to outsource as much as possible and look to invest in new properties at a sensible pace so we don't overstretch ourselves. One thing I did not mention is that we have a lot of time over the next few months to get the ball rolling, before my next job starts. We will start small though, like you say, and then make sure we have enough 'time' to invest before expanding our portfolio further. Thank you for the advice.
  3. Hi Lee, thank you for the reply. I think further down the line Liverpool will definitely be an area we consider. For now though, because we are just starting out, we are looking to focus on areas that are more local to us.
  4. Hi Steve, Thank you for your reply - we have since requested a goals call, so I look forward to speaking to a member of the PropertyHub team soon. Thanks, Johnny
  5. Hi All, I am new to property investing and looking for some general advice early on in my property journey. My sister and I have £1 million in cash to invest and would most likely look to do this through using a limited company as a SPV. We both have limited time available to dedicate to property investing - I work long hours in a full time job and my sister is looking to set up her own non-property business. Ultimate personal goal: Ensure financial freedom, so I have enough passive rental income to quit my day job and and set up my own (non-property) business. General
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