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  1. Given how much of a hot topic this is, and how relevant it is I'd say this was a no-brainer.! I for one would like to read something about this from your perspective.
  2. What do you mean about the BTL model being 'less attractive'..?
  3. I've been following this closely as I'm due to start a portfolio in the new year. Without getting into any political debates I'm of the opinion that we at least have some stability for the next few years government wise - there's enough of a majority in there to makes sure policies can be implemented - all good up to now. Next, we have the 'Brexit uncertainty' which we've been hearing too much about lately, as no one really knows what will actually happen, there seems to be no point in worrying about it. The fact we now have a government that is less likely to get bogged down making decis
  4. I build web apps too as part of my day job, happy to pitch in with any collaboration should it be required...
  5. Jeez..! This is daylight robbery! I'm totally amazed that his can happen - gobsmacked.
  6. Are you sure the 2500 was just for looking at the legal pack? That sounds horrendously expensive to me!
  7. Do you have a link to it? I've tried the search at the top of the page and can't seem to find it....
  8. I'm happy to critique away if you have a copy available....
  9. I see there are no meetups this far north, I realise the market may be a bit smaller but I'm surprised there isn't more activity 'up here'. Would anyone be interested in a PH meetup say in Newcastle?
  10. I agree with Matt. I've been investigating this too as the 'hands free' online' approach is appealing to me, however I've experience PB before as a seller and was put off by the service, especially their payment structure (forcing you to use their way overpriced conveyancing). The issue isn't so bad for me though as I'm only looking at properties within a 45 minute travel radius from my location. I can already see though that getting a 'trustworthy' LA will take a fair bit of time.
  11. I'd honestly never looked at it that way - sounds good to me though the more I think of it. At least it would offer a little more stability, it's not so much the market place as it'll always recover / balance out, it's more the legislation that could / couldn't be passed. Maybe a hung parliament really is the way to go?
  12. Great post there Tim, As a new entrant to the property investment business I've investigated every single angle (well, as many as I can find to date!) and am confident in both my abilities to achieve my goals, and also the market in which I will be operating. Out of the whole shebang, the only thing that gets me nervous is a Labour government getting in, for the above stated reasons. I know there's always opportunity in adversity, depending on ones own personal risk levels and how imaginative one can be with finding the best path, however I'm at a loss to even imagine anything good comi
  13. Are there any lists available UK wide of property sourcers?
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