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  1. I agree with Matt. I've been investigating this too as the 'hands free' online' approach is appealing to me, however I've experience PB before as a seller and was put off by the service, especially their payment structure (forcing you to use their way overpriced conveyancing). The issue isn't so bad for me though as I'm only looking at properties within a 45 minute travel radius from my location. I can already see though that getting a 'trustworthy' LA will take a fair bit of time.
  2. I'd honestly never looked at it that way - sounds good to me though the more I think of it. At least it would offer a little more stability, it's not so much the market place as it'll always recover / balance out, it's more the legislation that could / couldn't be passed. Maybe a hung parliament really is the way to go?
  3. Great post there Tim, As a new entrant to the property investment business I've investigated every single angle (well, as many as I can find to date!) and am confident in both my abilities to achieve my goals, and also the market in which I will be operating. Out of the whole shebang, the only thing that gets me nervous is a Labour government getting in, for the above stated reasons. I know there's always opportunity in adversity, depending on ones own personal risk levels and how imaginative one can be with finding the best path, however I'm at a loss to even imagine anything good coming out of the above. I suppose we'll all soon find out one way or the other...
  4. Are there any lists available UK wide of property sourcers?
  5. This is something I've been considering for a similar situation, for when I have a smaller amount lying about, instead of having it in the bank - waiting, I'd plan to tie it up in a P2P platform - are there any you could point me towards that would be worth closer inspection?
  6. Hi All, I've been lurking here a little while so now it's time to get out from behind the bushes. I've renovated a few properties over the years mainly in the North East of England so have built up some decent contacts: builders, IFAs, solicitors etc. I run an international business and have developed a big in-house IT capability to allow me to do this. Database driven websites / apps etc so that may come in handy for this group - a bit left of field I know but I can already see IT gaps in some things people (including myself) are doing... Anyway... I digress! I'll be selling my own property soon so will have access to 200k+ of liquid capital. It's not enough for me to retire on (I've still got another 20 years graft in me - hopefully! ) so here I am. I'm planning on BTL, BTS (inc BTRRR) in order to build a steady income stream and to also flip properties I've refurbished in order to fund more investment. I'll be researching my own properties but am also trying to build sourcing contacts in tandem as I've no issues at all with this type of arrangement (after due diligence obv.). I'll probably be posting some type of advice related stuff real soon...... If anyone needs any IT related advice give me a shout and I'll do my best to return some karma.