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  1. Oh, that VAT is included. I’ve used Bondmason, Assetz Capital, Ratesetter and FC. They all having the same issue now with a slowing withdrawal market and lowering interest rates. Even with defaults i’m seeing it as a long term thing and overall the returns i’ve had over 6 months is better than anything else I can think of with minimal time investment required.
  2. Thanks Emma for your help. Andrew, thanks for your reply also. In reply to some of your questions: The annual maintenance cost for the house of £600 looks a bit low to me. I have been budgeting 1-1.5% of the property value. Obviously depends to a large extent on your tenants. - I've got existing rental properties and these numbers have been tuned over the years and this is what my average is running at. if you are doing it in a company, do you need to allow for accounting and tax fees? - I do but that is dependant based on other things like my job so I don't try to con
  3. Thanks for the reply DJPix, The £382 is interest only but at a 3.50% interest rate. I should have mentioned that I'm looking for limited company mortgages which have higher rates then the ones you have mentioned. I also like to calculate this percentage using a buffer as this needs to work for me in the long term and these rates are at historic lows. When I entered B2L the rates were much higher than 3.5% so I'm making sure I don't calculate on the best possible scenario. The limited company structure is also the reason for the higher legal costs so not much room for savings her
  4. Hi, I'd like to invest in the city centre of Birmingham and was looking at 1 bed flats. When I do the maths however I can't the deals to stack up based on my targets which are: Aim for an ROI of 5% (This needs to be a true calculation with all costs incorporated) Buy a property that has the potential to provide 4% capital growth per year. (I know this has to be a prediction based on fundamentals and area trends etc) Put down 25% deposits and borrow 75% When I run the numbers I fall short on the ROI and therefore have started looking at options of a 3 bed house in ar
  5. Hi Hallupa, just read this post and saw the same deal last year and also the ads on rightmove. Did you go ahead with this in the end and how did it work out if you have? Thanks.
  6. Hi Antoine, it doesn't matter what other people will do, the question is what do you want to get out if this capital or yield? If it was truly a level playing field then you would pick which ever is easier to manage for you : )
  7. Hi, Would anybody mind sharing the cost of using an accountant to look after your Property related Ltd Company please. It seems like one of the main reasons people are moving to the ltd company structure is because you can still write this off as a business expense. However I'm just running my own calculations on this and think the added costs of going down this route may write off the benefits (for me anyway). Let me provide some figures to put this into perspective: If I buy a 100k property with a 75k mortgage I am being offered mortgages at 3% with no upfront f
  8. Hi Vicky, I've been using the new site for a few days now and definitely like it over the old. The mobile experience is much better as I'd try to avoid this previously : )
  9. When you add up the fees into the % rate I find that the higher rates can work out quite a bit better overall.
  10. Hi Nick, what the fees and the LTV on that 2.59% deal please? Interesting to hear your thoughts. I went for a 3 year fixed on my resi 2 years ago thinking that it would take at least 3 years for rates to start going up so i can now lock in on a low late when this one is up for a 5 year. Seems to have worked out ok at present.
  11. Remember to factor in all of your costs for building the portfolio which will be a chunk of the 100k especially with the new tax changes from April.
  12. Hi Nick, It depends on your employment and income situation as well as you may be limited to certain lenders based on this. I've recently had a quote for 2.99% fixed for 2 years with a £999 fee. My circumstances mean i'm limited to lenders so I assume people are getting better than this already. Which broker are you using?
  13. Hi Engin, Sounds like you've been working hard. I'm sure lots of people on the forum would like to hear about your journey over the past 3 years and how you managed to accomplish this. Would you mind sharing the details of how you set out with any goals, your strategy and then details about types of investments, financing, your team, etc I'd be interested to know why you chose the company vehicle also for the majority of the the purchases. Thanks!
  14. Hi, Do you have to sign into a contract for any particular length of time for this? Looks good based on the info you've shared. Can you speak to any existing owners and get their experiences?
  15. Hi Matthew, Looks good to me as long as you have factored in an amount for general maintenance, any voids and and letting agent fees if its going to be managed. I work on a 92% occupancy rate but you can estimate this better with time based on the type of demand for your property. What area is the property in and what type of property is it by the way?
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