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  1. Hi, just a quick visit, i have just secured a deal with a council North east area about letting private properties to them, they will take over the management and pay directly.They are looking for 10 properties to be turned into assisted living, i have currently got offers in on 4 properties. this is all i can go for at present but if anybody is interested please get in touch
  2. do the searches, than if you are competent and happy, leave the survey
  3. ERC will only be with Fixed rate mortgages unless stipulated. i have had several variable rate mortgages and remortgaged after 6 months.
  4. Valid point both @snookjas and @conrad_paton I do apologise. But if somebody is interested in a JV with myself i will speak with them Via PM.I am ready to go with any genuine possible partner. so get in touch and rather then prove myself on a public thread i will prove to them the success iv had in recent years and want it to continue.i will make a thread when i get around to in with before during and after pictures of some of my projects for you all to see.
  5. another lends potentially a different surveyor
  6. Everywhere. Do your own investigating and in most places outside of London you could earn similar returns. What you looking at developing
  7. I will certainly answer any questions and show proof of answered to anybody who is interested in working together. Business is all about figures
  8. What is all the grilling for? Are you interested in a partnership?
  9. I usually work off 20k , meaning my net after everything has to be a MINIMUM of 20k. I do not aim for that, of course I go higher but when I’m looking at a property that’s what I will work off. The lowest I havever made net on a property is 23k on a 50k purchase. i have just completed a new build project (waiting change with clients) south east of England of 5 detached properties. That if for a build for my personal home in the Yorkshire area.i buy a mixture of cash and mortgaged property, some times even bridging finance.i have not got website no and have no social media. This is the first si
  10. I will try this myself
  11. Like to be close to my investments and hav3 a say in each and deal with any problems which occur directly. I do sometimes have teams do the work but also JVd with hand# on people for equal split. @Adam Hosker
  12. I believe I answered these questions in a pm to you. Or most of them. @REinvestor
  13. Generally I would go look for freehold. Any reason your looking at leasehold properties
  14. Hi all, new to the forum but not new to prop investing. Been developing* new build these past years now looking to get back to flipping some house full time again. I like to have 4-6 on the go at one time with a limit of 4 months. Usually work off 20k net each one. Any body who would like to talk about anything future PI get intouch Jim
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