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    My goals are to leave my office job as soon as possible, for my husband to retire at 50 years of age (he's 28 now), live in a beautiful house and max out our ISAs every year.
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    Exercising, traveling and going for nice meals
  1. Noosh D

    Meet up?

    Thanks Rob. My husband works in Bank so Southbank will be easier for him Looking very much forward to the meet-up Nooshin
  2. Noosh D

    Meet up?

    Hi Richard, Thanks for your email. I would love to meet up There is a property hub meet up on 1 Oct in Southbank which I'm hoping to attend. Maybe we can meet sometime after this - possibly 24/25 Oct? Nooshin
  3. How very heart warming! Thanks for helping me see!
  4. Hi guys, Thank you very much for your responses. I do strongly believe that the guy that I spoke with and he suggested I do trader did not have my interest in mind! I just don't understand how this was in any way beneficial to him! after having researched trading I realised that it certainly not for me and he knew that because he asked about my circumstances! He tried to contact me a few times after this but I ignored him! I've heard about the sharks but i don't even know what he would have wanted! I will stick with the BTL as it's the safest option. we have enough money to star
  5. Noosh D

    Meet up?

    Hi all, I'm a newbie from SW London and was wondering if anyone would fancy meeting up in London to talk about property, strategy, exchange knowledge and just get to know each other? Maybe we can go to a pub/bar for a few drinks? Let me know if you are interested - which I hope you are - and I can arrange something Thanks, Noosh
  6. Hi all, Based on the information I have posted on http://thepropertyhub.net/forum/topic/2322-btl-vs-trading/. I have new short-term goals as below! Read 'Dominate your ground' and other materials regarding property trading Develop and be part of a network Leave a review for Rob & Rob's amazing podcast and ask if they can do a specific podcast! Continue to listen to podcasts Make up my mind regarding where I would like to BTL or trade! I will update in just over 2 weeks - Sunday 9 August!
  7. Hi all, After a lot of reading and listening to podcasts I thought that I'm happy with my strategy as below. Buy properties in good shape at good price in Manchester (since I used to live there and know the city and London prices - where I live now - are so expensive! Rent them out through a good agent However, yesterday I spoke with a property sourcer/developer, who also have a training and advising company for new investors. He asked me about my circumstances and I told him that in the next 1-2 years I would like to leave my job and have a baby... He advised that trading propert
  8. Hi all, Sorry for the delayed update! I have now: Listened to up to number 60 podcasts – a lot more than the original target Read ‘property investor toolkit’, took notes and visited all its links Found a builder with good reviews and good price! I actually asked him to estimate the cost to refurb my current bathroom and he gave me the best price! I also seen his work as he had refurbed someone else’s bathroom in our building! J Spoke with a mortgage adviser and know a lot more about my options J Decided on what city I would like to have my first investment which is Manchester. The price
  9. Thanks Tim. I really appreciate your input. It's a shame to hear that the BMV properties in London and greater London are scarce but I'll keep on strengthening my knowledge and searching (buying in the North is not much of an option for me as I'm not familiar with it and would like to be closer to the first investment! Feeling a little deflated to be honest! Could you please let me know what you think about buying the first property in auction? Of course I will have done my research and followed advice on Property Hub. Thanks.
  10. Hello again all! I am interested in buying a BMV that I can renovate, add value to and let in London or greater London. I have looked on Rightmove and such sources but haven't seen anything outside auction houses at OK prices that also meets my criteria (transport link,...) and of course there is no guarantee what price the ones at auction will be sold for. I have spoken with an estate agent who has a few property investments and works in lettings about sources but he has told me that investors bribe the estate agents to inform them of the BMV properties as soon as they come into the
  11. Hi all, I am planning to buy my first investment property in London or small towns around it with good commute links into London this year from auction. I was wondering if you would recommend I choose a specific area before starting my property search or would it make more sense not to have a specific area in mind and to research the properties that come into auction and choose ones that meet my criteria? The reason I ask this is that there are many great areas out there that if you buy BMV they would be great investment. But, at the same time there are so many properties that come i
  12. Hi, To give you a little background info, I am 29 years old, own a property with my husband in SW London - which we currently live in. I have decided to start my career in property investment as I want to create something of my own, something that I can work hard to grow and pass to my children when we have them! I have been listening to podcasts and the free course videos and reading books in every bit of free time that I get! I'm starting to feel like there will be no end to the research for me! So far I have completed about 100 hours of reading, which I know is not enough but ther
  13. Hi all, I have been listening to the courses on property hub for the past week and been doing some research prior to that other than I'm an absolute newbie and would much appreciate your help in choosing a strategy. as background info: me and my husband have a 2 bed flat in SW London since 2011 which we currently live in. The way I see it right now I have 2 options - I'm sure there are plenty more that I can't see and would appreciate your input - I was wondering if you could help me choose the best option please. 1. a. remortgage the current property b. buy a property
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