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  1. I just watched the Channel 4 Dispatches show The Property Market Undercover http://www.channel4.com/programmes/dispatches/on-demand/57108-003 I'm new to property and apart from trying to work my way through the podcasts don't have much knowledge (I've just ordered Rob's book). After watching that show, I have a few questions about buy to let mortgages. In the show, the rogue agents mentioned that when applying for a BTL you don't have to show your earnings, is this true? The dodgy agents also said it was OK to live in a place you bought on a BTL
  2. As a complete guess, I'd say that prices in N17 will continue rise as the area could be ripe for gentrification in a few years. I've never actually been that far north, but the ripple effect will spread out that far at some point right?
  3. Is it this one: SERIOUSLY, I COULD JUST GET ONE OF THESE TODAY? No so fast. In fact, what you really need are everyone's favourite mythical guardian angels: rich parents. You see, instead of the deposit, you need a guarantor (rich parents) who can put 10 percent of the mortgage into a savings account for you. They can't touch this money for years, so basically it's a lot like a deposit, only it eventually goes back to them rather than paying off your mortgage. Barclays call this savings account the "helpful start" account – two words which, in this context, I can't help but read in a real
  4. Hi all, I'm Joe from the UK but currently living abroad, although moving back to the UK in the next month or so. I've always been a renter but am now thinking about aiming to become a property investor in some capacity. First step would be to save for a deposit, then aim for a buy to let. I work as a freelancer writer so not sure how that would hinder my chances of getting a mortgage? My partner is a teacher but will only be working part-time, at least until the kids are both at school full-time. I don't think we could ever afford to buy anywhere in the area we are mo
  5. This sounds great, but am I understanding this correctly? If I had a £20,000 deposit and used it to get a mortgage with an 80% LTV of £100,000 - in 25 years, with a multiplier of 17.5, that £20k deposit would be worth £437,500 and the £100,000 property now 1,750,000? Or am I wrong? Thanks!
  6. Hi all, So far I've just been a renter but am starting to think about getting the ball rolling on some kind of investment, and property seems like a good/potentially good option. We've been living abroad for about 6 years but are moving back to the UK. We'll be renting in an area we wouldn't ever be able to afford to buy in, but would like to buy a place as an investment so looking at doing a BTL in a more affordable area and starting small. Our main plan is to save up a deposit over the next few years and see what we can do with it. The other option is that as my partner is
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