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  1. https://www.alsterskelley.com/_userfiles/resources/images/hmrc__stamp_duty_land_tax__guidance_march_16.pdf it's in there
  2. I'm not sure this is correct. Perhaps you do lose FTB incentives but you should not have to pay additional rate stamp duty on your personal purchase from what I understand. Your Ltd is a separate legal entity, as such you do not personally own a property. Would be good if others could weigh in here. I remember listening to the Ask Rob & Rob episode a few months ago where the Robs stated additional rate would be due on personal purchase and it struck me as the opposite of what I had previously heard from others.
  3. Thanks @TaxAntics. Am I correct in also thinking that I can capitalise SDLT (increasing the property value - fixed asset - on the balance sheet) and thereby reducing the chargeable gain when disposing of the property?
  4. Would a lenders valuation fee fall under revenue or capital expense? It's a requirement for the mortgage which makes me think it's revenue (tied in with the other financing fees) but given it's akin to a survey, perhaps it's a capital expense? Thanks
  5. After 6 months of hunting I've sourced a rather nice victorian (I think) terrace 3 bed property in a West Mids city at around 10% BMV. It's a refurb job - requiring pretty much a complete gut and do up, including full rewire. There's only 1 issue - unusually, it has a flat roof. It's a mid terrace amongst a block of 4, all have flat roofs (you can't immediately tell from the street as it's only a fairly steep incline). Initially I thought little of it however the more I read, the more it's putting me off this deal. The owner has mentioned they've had issues with it in the past and therefo
  6. This is exactly my situation too. For someone who only extracts up to the basic rate threshold in dividends every year from contracting co, the money has now built up inside the contracting co. It makes more sense for me to now loan this money directly to an SPV to buy property than withdraw into personal pocket (and get clobbered with higher rate) and fund through personal funds. Currently also looking around the midlands for my first BTL.
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