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  1. Hi Derek, Thanks very much for getting back to me, much appreciated. In terms of exit strategy, it would likely be in at least 10yrs, possibly a lot longer. I'm 27, so I'm looking to the long term here. My concern with the studios is, as you mention, difficulty in re-selling and also that I tend to find new-builds to be overpriced in comparison to the rest of the market. The budget of £70-75k is total property value, based on 75% LTV mortgage. I've got around £20k cash so after fees, SDLT etc. I reckon max property value would be c£70k. Thanks for the advice on areas a
  2. Hi all, I'm new to the forum and to BTL investing. I have a budget of total property value of £70-75k, so am naturally looking at Liverpool. I've only been to the city once but have done research on some areas. It looks like for my budget all I can get in the city centre is a studio. I'm not sure if these new builds will experience strong capital growth though (my goal is total return over the long term, so whether that comes via capital growth or cashflow isn't of great importance for me). Does anyone have any advice on these new-build studios in the city centre, or any ideas o
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