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  1. I would like to thank everyone for the excellent responses received, I thought long and hard about the situation and took on board all the advice. I decided to visit my tenant face to face to tell him how much I valued him as a tenant. I explained that due to inflation and rising costs, I had to adjust the rent and all efforts were made to keep the rise as low as possible. I added that there would be a careful assessment of the rent on renewal of the tenancy agreement going forward. He seemed very unhappy at the £15 pm raise, which is kind of expected I guess. I feel, he thought I was 'all
  2. I'm in a pickle! I have become emotionally attached to my tenant. He's been a model tenant for about 10 years and i have a good relationship with him. He's never asked for anything and takes excellent care of the property, even making little improvements. I currently charge him £475 but a recent valuation recommends £550. I'm happy with the rent I receive at the moment and would love to retain my current tenant, he could easily move on. i'm coming up to a remortgage and told this rental amount may effect my stress tests. I know I'm running a business and I'm calcula
  3. Hi Dale. A lot of time has passed since you posted this, how did you get on? I've just started researching property in the US myself and love to hear about your experiences around this subject. I agree that the whole process looks a little bewildering, I keep seeing most people mentioning the word 'SCAM' when referring to ‘turn key’ and certain management companies. all the best Rick
  4. Hi everyone! I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Rick from Bradford. Ex army and now currently working as a lorry driver for the Royal Mail. I love the flexibility of the job which gives me time to work on developing myself and working towards my goals. I've been listening to the back catalogue of the podcast whilst on the motorway and learned so much in the last year. The job I have pays well and offers excellent benefits and job security, but my passion lies in property and investing/trading. I'm hoping to move further into this area full time one day. I currently have 3 properties
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