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  1. Hi John, The photo I attached was an invoice for £1700 showing the balance due. I had already paid a deposit of £900 as the total cost was actually £2600. The invoice I received was from DMS but their are more than one DMS Platering LTD. There is a DMS Plastering LTD based in Madley, Hereford. There is a DMS Plastering LTD based in 4 Toll Bar Close, Sheffield, S12 2RB (Mr Phillip Travis) THIS IS THE ONE I USED UNFORTUNATELY. There is a DMS Plastering LTD based in 25 Church Walk North, Swindon, Wilts, SN25 3DH (This is the one Registered at Companies House ) There
  2. Happy New Year to you all. Please can you help me. I know I am a real novice, but I guess we all have to start somewhere. I purchased a 2 bedroom terrace house in the Rotherham area back in July 2019. I still do not have it anywhere near ready to rent out. The main reason was someone I paid 2500 GBP to damp proof it with a tanking slurry ripped me off. The first person ever in 50 years! Anyway they were meant to use a tanking slurry as I had rising damp and all the downstairs walls had high levels of moisture in them. After completion the plaster began to crack and a
  3. Good morning everyone, I have recently purchased an old 1930's 2 bedroom terrace property near Sheffield where a small damp problem was highlighted in the survey. There was rising damp on 2 of the walls in the living room with salts on them both. I got 3 quotes for damp proofing & decided to go for the most expensive quote at 2,500 GBP . He was using a 3 tier system comprising of a 2 coat SBR primer, a 2 coat tanking slurry & finishing off with a lime plaster. The damp proofer told me to wait 2 weeks for the lime plaster to dry before getting the decorator to
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