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  1. Thanks James.... I am aiming to achieve about 8% yield and its in Aston
  2. @haf1963 thanks for this, seems like patience is the key
  3. Hi Sanita I would be very interested in a mastermind group. I do wonder what happened to the Birmingham meet up so anywhere where we can share information and experiences would be great. Regards Daniel
  4. Hi guys need some advice (sorry it's a long post) I have begun my property journey with a BMV 1 bed leasehold flat in Birmingham this year, having been able to pay for it cash, I have renovated it after a few months to a reasonable high spec with the aim in letting out. I want to refinance to release some of the cash to invest in further properties and I am waiting to have it valued. I do not have a residential property or Morgage at the moment and never have as I am currently renting myself whilst working self employed. My questions are as follows: 1). Because the Property was bought for l
  5. Hi all Just read the famous book and Thankyou to all contributors it was worth the read. I am now undertaking lots of research into property investment and need the advice and guidance as appropriate. I am a healthcare professional who has been saving and has reasonable capital to invest in my first property and now the question is what should be my first one. I am keen to stay local in Birmingham as it is what I know but looking at city centre properties is this advisable for first time purchase. I am keen to get going but as well as keen I am very nervous Many thanks
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