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  1. Hi Bernie Wales Reading in between the lines here. I may consider creating the new leases with a ground rent included as this will give the Freehold value. Would you say this seems fairly accurate? Kind Regards
  2. Hi Adam This is also useful, thanks and I appreciate you taking the time to reply. All the best
  3. Hi Stewart Thank you for taking the time to reply. Your first paragraph pretty much answers my question. My exit strategy is to re-finance the leasehold units, however I was not aware of the lenders restrictions regarding mortgaging more than 2 units as a concentration risk. Great tip, It’s something I’ll take into consideration. All the best
  4. Hello Genuine question here, does anyone have any knowledge around being able to mortgage or obtain finance against a freehold property that split into leasehold flats. To dig a bit deeper, I am in the early stage on conveyancing of a commercial property which I aim to convert into x3 residential flats of which I will split the title and keep the freehold. I intend to re-finance the leasehold units, I wondered If it were possible to also re-finance the freehold of the building after the title has been split. It's my first time taking on a project of this ilk, so forg
  5. Hi Jodie Truly sorry about the timing of the reply, but heres an answer to what I did via my systems. I chose to go with Landlord Vision as my property management software, I find it met my needs and the price point was appropriate for my current portfolio (3 BTLS and and 1 further purchase In the pipeline). Landlord Vision came at a reduced price with my NRLA membership, which I'd recommend also. I had a tenant want to move out of an AST before its expiration and NRLA gave me some sound advice during this time. All the best with your Journey.
  6. Morning All I'll keep this short and sweet.. I would welcome you to join in and I'd love to hear your own experiences and recommendations on this topic. What property Management are you most fond of and why? I am aware of Arthur Online, Go Tenant & Landlord Vision, I'm sure there are a lot more out there. I manage my own portfolio of 2 properties and in 2020 will enter the HMO market, before doing this I need to have better systems in place. Hence why I queried this to topic. Good day all All the Best
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