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    Recruiter by trade, well networked, strong analytical skills, driven, and highly professional.
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    I currently have a portfolio of 5 properties and plan to continue growth until I generate enough residual income to maintain my family's lifestyle.
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  1. Thanks for your reply David - Much appreciated. In relation to selling the personally held properties, I guess I would consider keeping them but I'm not sure about re-financing them. I have done this a couple of times in the past and as I am an Ex-pat the rates and charges are quite painful, I think it's only worthwhile if you re-finance once per property and for a substantial amount. I have rates between 4.25 - 4.75% with Shawbrook. I just couldn't get anything better as I'm not UK based. I have been informed by my broker that I could get rates of circa 4% if using a Ltd Co. I hav
  2. Hi hubbers, I have had to take a break from investing to concentrate on buying a family home here in Dublin, Ireland. I am originally from Leicester and have 5 BTLS there, all held personally. Now that I have secured the family home, I am ready to kick on with my own plans. I'm looking to create a Ltd Company and grow a portfolio over the next 10 years. I have 25k per year to invest (hopefully more) so my aim is to acquire 1 BTL per year. The aim after 10 years would be to draw an annual salary, and then sell my 5 personal properties for a lump sum, like a pension pay off. I'm 3
  3. Hi all, I'm living in Dublin and prices here make it very difficult to build a property portfolio. I'm considering Belfast as an option as alot of the fundamentals stack up and it would be handy for me to be able to drive up for viewings etc. Has anyone experience of this B2L market or any surrounding areas up North? Gavin
  4. I think the challenges begin after the guaranteed period finishes. My view is that if you want a holiday home that you can also make some money out of then go for it but if its purely an investment then there are safer deals in UK.
  5. Hi all, I have a lender (Shawbrook) who are offering 4.75% for Ltd Co mortgage lending. Other associated costs are solicitors fee (banks), arrangement fee, application fee, valuation fee. All totally nearly 3k for a 125k purchase. I've used their commercial mortgages before as I was fairly limited on options with being an expat. Just wondering how this compares with other lenders offering Ltd Co mortgages? Many thanks
  6. Hi Everyone, I've been crunching alot of numbers trying to create my 10 year retirement plan. I am a British Expat living and working in Dublin. I own 5 BTL in UK that will sit seperately from my plan. I have a small consultancy business in Ireland with 120k annual earnings. I'm looking to live on 60k which leaves 60k per year for investment. Im thinking of setting up a UK Ltd Co purely to acquire property. If I focus on picking up properties valued between 100k-125k with rental of 600pcm around the Leicestershire area (where I was born) then I'd roughly be looking at 3k annu
  7. Hi all, I am a beginner in the property investment market. I have 5 properties in total (1 in Dublin, and 4 in Leicester). I am a British National working and living in Ireland. I very recently completed 3 deals that were all BMV, however because of my expat status I had to put in 35% deposits and the charges were very high. As part of the mortgage conditions there is a 3% charge if I remortgage within the next 5 years so I am fairly limited in what I can do. After recently reading 'Property Investment For Beginners' & '100 Property Investment Tips' I have realized a few school boy
  8. Hi, Im British and living in Dublin. I can highly recommend : Paul Mullin paulmullin@hmpfinance.ie I have used him before, he also does alot of work for our company. Just mention my name (Gavin Tonks) as he would know me. Gavin
  9. Hi all, I am British and have lived in Republic of Ireland for 8 years. I have 4 BTL's in the UK but am having difficulties finding lenders that consider expats. My existing broker got a couple of deals through Shawbrook but they had to put them through as commercial mortgages so the charges were high. Does anyone know any brokers/banks that specialize in expat mortgages ? I was previously advised HSBC are the No1 in the market place but you need to have a minimum bank balance of 70k at all times to bank with them. Any help greatly appreciated!! Gavin
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