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  1. Hi @lee northrop I'm interested in the same kind of deals, did you make any progress on this and can share notes?
  2. thanks haf1963, what do you think regarding the actual value of the property i.e. 60% from the total investment amount? also, this property is in a neighborhood that almost 50% of its population is social tenants, i.e. value of properties in this area will probably not go up in value at all. thanks
  3. Actually this is a 5 bed HMO, the houses in the area are worth similarly i.e. 65-70k I intentionally left the details out, since this is a general question, not specific to this property I.e. should I pay almost double the value of a property for a killer yield?
  4. Hi Guys, I got a very interesting deal, it is a 5 beds HMO with a 10 year lease to Serco and with a crazy 12% net yield. The deal breakdown is as follows: Property purchase price - 66K refurb\furniture\fire doors etc... - 26K Fee for the company that sets up the deal - 15K solicitor + stamp duty - 2,900 as you can see, the property is priced at 66K and the total cost is almost double that, it could be that the property is BMV, but not by 50%. although the yield is awesome, I think that once the 10 years period will be over and I'll want to sell the property, considering its value won't double, i'll lose money on it. so to my understanding, if I ever plan on selling this house, this is a bad deal, the only way it would be a good deal is if I would bet on the Serco lease to be renewed. what do you think ?
  5. Hi Guys I'm a foreign investor looking for a consulting\sourcing company and was very impressed with the knowledge of website's founders, I'm trying to contact the sales\consulting team to schedule a talk and was unsuccessful for a while now.. I left my details in several forms on the website and also left a phone voice massage, but no one is calling me back :-( Any advice?