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  1. Hi Florin! Welcome to the forum Divina
  2. Hi Matt, Unfortunately, I'm quite time poor (as I have a full time job) and my initial investment would go a lot further in the NW (possibly 2 properties that I would rent as pro-lets or multi-lets) rather than in Crawley. That said, I haven't really looked in Crawley all that much from a BTL perspective but I would imagine that there are no shortage of prospective tenants being so close to Gatwick. I would be interested in learning more about your experience with the BRR model in Crawley though. At some point, I would be keen to adopt this model, if only to accelerate my portfolio a lot quicker once I've got some more experience under my belt. Can I email/meet up with you? Best wishes, Divina
  3. Hey! I'm Divina, I work in healthcare and I'm currently based in Crawley. After much procrastination, I've decided to bite the bullet and enter the BTL market for passive income for 2020. My goal is to make £4,000 a month in 3 years to supplement my current income. I also want to invest for my daughter's future. Like others on here, I'm also here to network with trusted tradespeople and other property investors as none of my immediate friends are at all interested in property talk I'm also keen to share what I learn too. The areas I am researching are Manchester, Liverpool and Birmingham. If there is anyone in a similar position just starting out or anyone that has done similar in the past I'd love to chat, find some accountability partners etc. Best wishes, Divina