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  1. What do others make of any disparity between house prices v flats and what the outlook for that is?
  2. Interesting that house prices are outstripping flat prices. What do others make in terms of the longer term outlook on that disparity? Are the figures truly reflective of sound investment decisions when it comes to apartment fundamentals in the right areas (i.e. are the figures being dragged down by areas where flats are not performing that well and are flats in hotspot areas in city centres generally doing well). Thoughts?
  3. That's really helpful. Thank you!
  4. Hi Folks! Hope you're all keeping well. I'm new to this Forum and wondered if anyone had a good idea of where the best areas are to consider property investment opportunities in York? Look forward to your replies!
  5. shux


    Hi, I’m Anil and live in Singapore. I’m extremely excited to have got hold of this forum and Property Hub. Had my first call with PH the other day. Looking to invest in north east and west. Everything I’m hearing here talks about Leeds, Liverpool (and some others) likely to be the next big thing. I’m looking for capital growth predominantly and want to give myself a 10 year window to see how things go. Great to be here amongst you all. What’s your big bets for 2020 and beyond?
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