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  1. Hi Paul, Turns out another solicitor within the same company could do it. Which was a lot cheaper than going elsewhere. It seems its a bit of a hassle/not worth much to most solicitors. Which is why I got a lot of expensive quotes.
  2. Hi all, I require independent legal advice as part of my BTL purchase via my limited company. I am struggling to find a local solicitor who will do this. All the ones I have spoken to so far have said they won’t. Any recommendations would be great. I’m based in Epsom so the closer the better. Thanks in advance
  3. Hi Mark, Great idea. Hopefully we can get a few more people interested in the next couple of days. I will DM you my details now. Thanks Stuart
  4. Hi, I'm just completing on my first BTL. But I want to build my network and meet more people (while socially distancing). What's the best way to go about this? I'm based in Surrey, work in London and investing in Peterborough. Thanks Stuart
  5. Hi, I'm looking to invest in a BTL terraced house in Peterborough. I have done all the numbers and can make it work. This will be my first investment. I know at the moment, I would require a license to let the property. The local council website states “The scheme came into effect on 1 September 2016 and will last for 5 years.” Does this mean I might only need a license for a year or is the scheme likely to be extended? I will be refurbishing the property to a decent standard and meet all the licensing requirements. So, I can’t see any reason why I wouldn’t be granted a license. Anyone
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